How to make a pintyplus spray coat rack

Our diy today is a very complete one: make and customize your own coat rack. In a house, the hanger is an element that is often ignored, but is often greatly missed if it is not there: it is not a matter of leaving jackets, coats, etc., anywhere. It would be much better if you decorated it the way you like. Or in keeping with your home’s décor. Moreover, Created by Krispis teaches us how to create relief and paint it using a simple conglomerate wood base.

The materials

Some chipboard remains, some metal hangers, screws, texture paste, sandpaper, a Pintyplus stencil, pintyplus chalk varnish.

  • An international conglomerate

  • Hangers made of metal

  • Schrauben

  • Paste with texture

  • Paper for sanding

  • Stencil Pintyplus

  • Removable adhesive from Pintyplus Art & Craft

  • Galvazinc Pintyplus Tech

  • Chalk Finish Spray Paint by Pintyplus

  • Chalk Paint Spray Varnish by Pintyplus

A step-by-step guide to making and customizing your own coat rack

Preparation of the surface

Our first step will be to clean our surfaces thoroughly, so that they are free of dust or any other dirt. You already know that we always recommend this: the paint will not adhere as well to dusty surfaces, and even if we leave any traces of dirt, lumps can occur.

Stencil Pintyplus and repositionable adhesive

Our stencil will be sprayed with Pintyplys Removable Spray, letting it rest for a few minutes, then placed on our conglomerate and relieved with texture paste.

The third is paint

The Chalk Finish Spray Paint in Rose Petal will be applied after the paste has hardened. If we apply it before, it will come off when we sand.

The 4th – Sand

We will sand the chalk once it has dried fully. It is recommended that we use fine-grained sandpaper.

5. Prime and paint the metal

Using Pintyplus Tech Galvazinc, we will prime the metallic elements, then apply Pink Petal Chalk after it dries.

The screws should be prepared in step 6o

After drilling holes in the place where we will place the screws for our coat rack, we will apply a layer of Varnish as a final touch.

Ready! We have achieved our goal: make and customize your own coat rack with Pintyplus spray. Please tag us pintyplus_oficial or use the hashtag #pintyplus on Instagram or Facebook if you create something similar. Subscribe to our blog to learn more about using the spray every week.